Friday, April 15, 2011

PROM 2011

Prom was amazing! (4-2-2011) I went with my boyfriend Neilson, hes a great guy! He came and got me around 5:15 in his dad's big black truck that I had to have a step stool for haha, shown in the picture above! We took a few pictures at my house and did the flowers! and then we went back to his house by a big lake and took pictures with our group with consisted of 2 other couples-- pictures from that yet to come. Then we all went out to eat a patrizio's witch is a really fancy Italian resturant! After eating we had time to kill specially since we wanted to be "fashionably late" haha! So we drove around and went to the park!!! (YES we went to the park with our dresses and suits on!!!) SO FUN! and there was a big lake there and a playground! Then after that we headed to our PROM!! It was decorated so beautiful the theme was "Treasure the Night" with was a pirate theme! I sure will treasure that night and never forget it! We took more pictures there as well--- still to come also. We definitely danced the night away, and had a blast! After the dance we went home and changed and then off to the after PARTY!!! So fun! and i got home so late! Thank goodness it was General Conference the next day... Which ment sleeping in and wearing my PJ's all day! Prom was the high light of my senior year!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Lifes What You Make It

If you look inside a girl's heart and see how much she cries. You'll find secrets, promises and lies. But what you'll see most is how hard she tries to stay strong. When nothing is right and everything's wrong.

Cinderella walked on broken glass. Sleeping Beauty let a whole lifetime pass. Belle fell in love with a beast. Jasmine married a common thief. Ariel walked on land for love and life. Snow White barely escaped a knife. It was all about blood, sweat, and tears, because love means facing your biggest fears.. ♥

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Just A Stop In This Road Im Walking, Ill Always Remember..

Mom look, Im in the sink haha
All clean!
Look at my muscles! They are getting so big!
Grandpa and Grandma Ores house
Jacob and I decided to stay back and take pictures of everyone while we were on our walk. It was so peaceful and fun, specially since we were with people we love!!
Black and white pictures, my favorite! (:
Aunt Cassie, and cousin Esme
I think their about the same size ha!
Papa Fred and Jacob just hanging out
Aunt Anna
Cousin Addie
Uncle Ryan (Anna's husband)
Katelyn Stretching!
Jacob Sleeping... Look how cute he is!
Kisses from Mama Ore
Play Time!
Mere (as she is called) is such a fun girl! She reminds me a lot of Victoria so I instantly fell in love with her of course!!! (: She is very sweet and gentle, and I can tell she loves to have fun and explore! Can't wait till I see her again!
Aww Katelyn is just the most adorable little girl, and has just the most precious little face and smile! How could you not give her what she wants!?
More black and white pictures!


I took SO many pictures! haha
Aunt Janet and baby Jacob

What would we do without camera's!!!!!!
Whole foods! Yum!!
We had so much fun here! We went inside and grabbed some drinks and raw bars, and then came outside and sat down by the fire and listened to some music! It felt like we were in a movie!!!

Big kisses from the moms (:
Having a pray before we leave for the airport
I love you Jacob and always will... (me crying and Jacob laughing at me ha)

Jacob has two families that love him very much! and would do anything in the world just to make him happy. I thank God everyday for letting me know the right family to care for Jacob.
This time when Jacob left, yes I was sad, but it wasn't like before. Because this time i knew that him being with Travis and Victoria has been the best decision I've ever or will ever make in my life, I just needed some time to sit on the decision i had made. Just seeing how much they care for him and want him to have the best life, makes me feel so good.
It was so important to me, my selection of the family that I had chosen for my baby, that if for any reason they would not have been able to adopt him, I would have kept him. The Petersons were the perfect fit, anyone else would have been second choice, and I wanted more for my son than second best. Ill always admire and look up to them. They are my friends, and close like brother and sister, but even more they are family.